Project Assignment #4

ecore diagram final

Junit Test

JUnit test of ACUI

Android APIs I wanted to implement in the ecore model where several widgets in the android.widgets* package for the user interface and media player. The user can preview different animations from the Animation Library prior to inserting it into their Animator Creator Project and when they want to view the final product.

Here are a few widgets I was thinking of using for playing media:



NOTE: The Android API’s are not implemented in my model because when adding the API’s I kept receiving errors in project and would not let me run a JUnit test so I took the path of least resistance and just stuck which emf/ecore/regular java code. This model is very theoretical.

Since I was not successful at implementing these API’s with emf, i created a simple Android App to demonstrate my ideas and how i envision how the interface would look like for the most part.

So we start off at the Start Menu. You can create a new project, upload a previous project, or quit the application. In order to access data, i would need to set up a database using android.ContentProvider. That is something I would implement in the future. anyways it goes straight to the Animator Creator User Interface. In the UI the user can edit and add animations, play their creation, save it, or quit the application. Alot of Functionality needs to be implemented but its just a simple framework.

Main Menu and Animator Creator User Interface

When the user clicks the edit button it asks the user if they are sure they would like to add an animation to their project. If they select yes, it then takes then to the Animation Library where they can search animations based on type.

Animator Creator UI Edit Button going to Animation Library Class

In the UI, if they user presses play. Again it asks the user if they are sure they want to view it. then a video player plays q single video with the audio. (For some reason the play has issues in the emulator does work to great).

Play Btn to Video Player

click here to download Project Assignment 4


Eclipse Error: GC Overhead Limit Excceded

If you get the eclipse error “GC Overhead Limit Excceded” it means that the eclipse IDE needs to us more memory in order to function. (especially if you have a 64-bit processor) this is how to fix the error:

It turns out that for 64bit Java, Eclipse needs more memory than with a 32bit Java. To fix this, have at least the following memory sizes defined in your eclipse.ini (search for it on your computer – it should be in the elipse folder):


additional resources:

problem solved – MotoDev & Eclipse stuck at “Initalizing Java Tools”

So Randomly today, I was having a problem of getting MotoDev Studio & Eclipse to work and run my android projects. I was getting this error “Initalizing Java Tools” and “” on the command line. I tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling MotoDev & Eclipse but that did nothing. But I managed to fix it by temporary removing all my files from the Workspace. Then I open Eclipse and if any folders where still there are deleted them. Then closed it (pretty much cleaning up my workspace). I then opened MotoDev and checked to see if  I would still get the error “Initalizing Java Tools” But I didnt. I created a test project just to see if it worked and it did.

  1. 1. Close Eclipse.
  2. Temporary move offending project somewhere out of the workspace.
  3. Start Eclipse, wait for workspace to load (it should).
  4. Close Eclipse again.
  5. Move the project back to workspace.

The below link has two different ways to solve this problem if it ever happens to you. Save the time and energy from Uninstalling and Reinstalling your software.

Forum Link “Eclipse Hangs while Opening Workspace” (I used this one)

How to Prevent Eclipse from Hanging on StartUp

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