My Videos/Portfolio

(Fall 2012) “Delray Beach: The Life” – Video project done for the City of Delray Beach to advertise sustainability and the use of the Big Belly Solar Compactors

(Spring 2012) Greebo the Spaceboy in the Human Body iPad game – Final Project. models created in maya and game put together in UDK

SpaceBoyCoverGreebo the Spaceboy game Comic published in Remarque Magazine, 2nd Issue 2013 (pg. 56).

(Fall 2011) Killer Foods the Game: This was developed using C# visual studio & the XNA framework.

(Fall 2011) Etch A Sketch: This was programmed using Processing and an Arduino controller i made

(Fall 2011) Journey of Memories: This is a series of videos put together in AfterEffects which as then imported into Quartz Composer

(Spring 2011) Demo Reel: Collection of undergraduate work including animation, 3d models, drawings, digital photography, & a unity game

Yoda’s Cafe Android App Summer 2012

Yoda’s Cafe Android App

(Summer 2012) For video presentation & conference paper visit Team Yoda Blog Site

My Online Portfolio of other artworks


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