Creating MD2 files that can hold animation

Some links of bits and pieces of information about exporting MD2 files. I Will find the best solution soon!!!!!

Blender Software:

Updated MD2 export script –

Quake II Engine Wiki

Mathematics for MD2 Animation

Milkshape3D software

Export Animated Rig from Maya as Quake MD2?

MD2Export Plugin for Autodesk Maya to export Quake MD2 Files – PLUGIN TO EXPORT MD2

Quake2 MD2 Exporter V2.0 for 3dsMax



  1. Quake 2? Never tried that game, but Quake 3 was awesome!

    And thanks for your recommendation on using Snagit, it’s what I ended up using for my project. Also, I was very impressed with your artistic skills and how you’re very adept at a very technical/engineering course like this. A rare mix I must say.

    I’ve always wanted to make games, but would get intimidated with the art required.

    Just an fyi, there’s a hackathon in miami that has Android this weekend if you’re interested. I’ll follow your blog if you keep posting.

    Great job!

    • Ive never tried quake anything, it was for an android app i was working on with two undergrads in the computer engineering department (which came out awesome by the way – playable at least). Anyways the MD2 files didnt work out, its a file type that’s no longer used.

      but thanks so much!!! for the complements, really. This class was pretty tough for me but i managed to get through it with determination. This isnt the first programming course i have ever taken. I took an intro to game programming with C# in Fall 2011 with Dr. Tom Fernandez (which I almost lost my mind). But I passed with an A. Well my degree requires us to take engineering courses but i like it.

      Man i wished i would have seen this post last week but was on vacation. would have totally gone to that hackathon. Did you go?
      Well partnerships with an artist would make your life easier :). but great programming and art go hand in hand. I learned that the hard way i guess.

      I’ll definitely keep posting stuff and updating them too!

      • Hey Cynthia,

        Hope you enjoyed your vacation! No darn, I couldn’t make this past hackathon either.. definitely next time though, they have them every couple months it seems.

        This class was tough for me too, but I learned a lot. I think I’m getting pretty close to doing some side projects with Android, and yeah some artistic firepower would be nice since I can barely draw stick people, haha 🙂

        Oh hey, I saw that game programming class you took is available this upcoming semester. Shoot me an email about if it if you don’t mind –> rzuech@’ourschool’.edu (‘ourshool’ is my attempt to keep the spam away)


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