Project Assignment # 1

Domain: Health/Nutrition for Kids

Description: The purpose of this project is to create a library which will include several animations related to health to visually teach kids about the importance of nutrition. Some of these animations include but not limited to: walking, talking, eating motions. These animations will be split up into several segments to create several animations. initially it will be fixed components but  hopefully in the future this can be much more customizable. I plan on using 3d modeling software such as Maya, 3dsMax, Photoshop for texturing, & video editing software such as After Effects for rendering.

My Initial list of Words:

Nouns: Nutrition, kid, avatar, user, health, animation library,food pyramid, puzzle, clips, segments, veggies, broccoli, carrot, lettuce, salad, fruits, apple, plum, banana, chicken, pasta, doughnut, cake, fish, Gordo burger, facial expressions, fixed components

Verbs: teach, encourage, change, learn, success, animate, thrilled, angry, sick, disgusted, sad, happy, smile,talk, lip-sync, exercise, movement, walk, run, eat, grab, bite, jump, unhealthy, healthy, hungry, educate, awareness, editing.


Physical Movements:

  • Walk() – Basic Walk Cycle Animation for Avatar
  • Run() – Running animation as a way to show exercise
  • Eat() – Display eating movements of animations
  • Grab() – Grabbing motions when avatar reaches out for food
  • Exercises() – If visuals wanted to show/geared towards physical fitness and how it is also important then a few exercise/
    physical activities can be shown. {but not the main focus of this project just yet}

Facial Expressions:

1. Healthy() – facial animation plays when user makes a good choice

  • Happy() – Character smiles
  • Thrilled() –  Super happy & jumps in excitement. When user/character continues to make good choices

2. Unhealthy() – facial animation plays when user makes a bad choice

  • Disgusted() – Character sticks tongue out and squints eyes
  • Sick() – Character makes almost like a barfing face/upset look
  • Sad() – Character cries, eyes water triggered with certain foods
Different Facial Expressions

Different Facial Expressions

3. Lip Sync(): ability to make character seem like they are talking

Mouth Positions

Different Mouth Positions for different Letters

4. Other facial movements to consider: Eyes

  • Blinking eye movement – very quick eye blinking every so often
  • Eyeball movement – minor shifting of eyes (up, down, left, right).


  1. Hey Cynthia,
    Its obvious that a lot of thought has gone into this project. I feel like you have a very clear idea for what this app will be and what it will accomplish but the description isnt fully clear for me. I’m not completely making the connection from the nutrition app to the animation section with the facial expressions and such which im guessing will be the focus for your component. The animation section is pretty well thought out and researched, and it definitely seems like you know what you are doing. A component to help with 3D animations would definitely be a huge help to the community. Great Start!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the comment. The idea is still a work in progress but I actually did not think about how facial expressions can connect/go with health. I guess it something to add and way the show the character how he/she feels. Usually facial expressions and other movements can make a big difference in animation. Guess I’ll focus more on adding physical movements.
      Thanks again!!!,

  2. Hi Cynthia, this is a great idea and a big job as well. I’m impressed. There are so many applications that can use this type of library. You will bring a smile to many kids.

  3. Cynthia, Very nice blog site! The look and feel of the website is excellent. The content was enjoyable, especially the “Killer Foods” Game art was awesome.

    -Rich from class

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