Project Assignment # 3

Ecore Diagram

ecore diagram final

Animator Creator GenModel

In 2nd Instance of Eclipse


Ecore Files Project Assignment 3


Character Design for App

Updated Character: just put together the joints.

Rig of 3D Boy Model Updated 7/22/12

demo pose

A few textured facial expressions for character



Next step: rig textures

Creating MD2 files that can hold animation

Some links of bits and pieces of information about exporting MD2 files. I Will find the best solution soon!!!!!

Blender Software:

Updated MD2 export script –

Quake II Engine Wiki

Mathematics for MD2 Animation

Milkshape3D software

Export Animated Rig from Maya as Quake MD2?

MD2Export Plugin for Autodesk Maya to export Quake MD2 Files – PLUGIN TO EXPORT MD2

Quake2 MD2 Exporter V2.0 for 3dsMax

Project Assignment # 2

3 & final attempt: This shows how the software/component would work and how the Editor/User would access different animation files, load, save, etc.

UML Diagram of ACUI

2nd Attempt: Developer: The Developer creates an animation library. This library provides a series of animations that the user can easily use to put together something health based or anything really.

User/Semi-Developer: this tool can help the semi developer not have to build animations for future clients or their App.

User/Learner: Will see interesting visuals (from the outcome of the Semi-Developer )to learn about nutrition/health.

2nd attempt in UML:

2nd attempt in UML

This was my first attempt of creating a UML diagram/class with associations for different animations. (work in progress)

attempt #1 to create domain analysis diagram

Eclipse Error: GC Overhead Limit Excceded

If you get the eclipse error “GC Overhead Limit Excceded” it means that the eclipse IDE needs to us more memory in order to function. (especially if you have a 64-bit processor) this is how to fix the error:

It turns out that for 64bit Java, Eclipse needs more memory than with a 32bit Java. To fix this, have at least the following memory sizes defined in your eclipse.ini (search for it on your computer – it should be in the elipse folder):


additional resources:

Game/Animation Style References

Here is where a list of my game& animations references will go

Videogame: ModNation Racers (animation style i’m going for as far as modeling and facial animations are concerned)

Animation Series: Pocoyo – an CG animated series TV show for preschool children (animation style is interesting)

Video Tutorial – How to rig textures in Maya

Link to Video

more resources here: