OpenGL ES 2.0 Mindmap Android

The Open Graphics Library(OpenGL) is a cross-platform graphics API that specifies a standard software interface for 3D graphics processing hardware.

This is a mind map of the OpenGL package/class GLES20 which is stands for OpenGL ES 2.0. This 3D graphics package enables someone to fully program and control 3D graphics within the app using shaders. This gives the programmer flexibility to create what they may envision in comparison to GLES10 – OpenGL ES 1.0 which has fixed functions and therefore has its limitations. The two most important classes that are necessary in OpenGL are GLSurfaceView & GLSurfaceView.Renderer (They go hand in hand). Without these two classes you would not be able to run OpenGL on your phone. OpenGL ES 2.0 is available for Android 2.2(API Level 8) and up. When it comes to creating Android Components using the GLES20 pipeline to make a “unique component/library” will be very useful and has room for complexity.

Open GL ES 2.0 Mindmap

Open GL ES 2.0 Mindmap

Reference: android.opengl
OpenGL Guide
OpenGL ES 2_X – The Standard for Embedded Accelerated 3D Graphics
OpenGL ES 2.0 Reference Pages
Reference: GLSurfaceView
Reference: GLSurfaceView.Renderer
OpenGL ES tutorial from FAU student

Links to a few Tutorials:
Droid Nova 3d Game Tutorial part 1 – 5
Insanity Design
OpenGL ES 1.0 – GLES10 Tutorial
OpenGL ES 2.0 – GLES20 Tutorial
Getting started with android game development

Bad Logic Android Forum

Some Possible useful Libraries:
Min3d Library
How to import objFiles using the Min3d Library
Libgdx library documentation


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