How to access FAU VMWare on campus for PC

If you want to acess the FAU VMWare server from school to get easy access to MotoDev software when you dont have access your personal computer.

login in on campus:

Click Next

When you get to this screen, Just leave it as the default on View Client

Leave Default View Connection Server blank

Just pick Show in connection dialog

Select whatever preferences you want

Finally Click Install

After you finish successfully install the VNware software you want to click on this link again “” in order to get to the log in

Sidenote: For you to successfully login into the server make sure your on Internet Explorer, NOT on Mozilla Fire Fox.

Use your FAU ID/Username and your Password

When you get to the different servers select CEECS Students. This is the one that has the MotoDev Software

Select MotoDev in the start menu and your set!

If you want to access the software from home or need it for your Mac computer follow the link below